“A Woman in Authority”

“Since I am under authority — I have authority ; Matthew 8:9 “

In recent months I have been asked to speak to more women than ever before.  I have found the pain of other women such a passion for me to speak of the true essence of the beauty of being a woman.  Don’t get me wrong I am still learning and still trying to get there myself.  But I feel that if I share my testimony with you it might shine into your light and bring you into a place of freedom to be you (the true you).

Since I was age 5 – I believe the enemy took an assignment to mark me in such a way that I would become someone that I wasn’t intended to be.  As early as age 11 I was molested by some live in uncles,  my father so graciously allow them to live with us because he is giving.  I would be taken to their room when my parents weren’t home and touched, at that time I don’t remember if I did anything about it or what I thought about it, but now I feel as I went to another place that just gave me peace that didn’t allow me to get my heart damaged.  A couple of men lived with us until they found jobs and some money to get their lives started, so molestation happened to me a couple of times.  My house wasn’t saved – what I mean with this is that Jesus wasn’t the Commander-in-Chief in my house so it was chaotic at times with many forms of abuse – from what I just mentioned to physical abuse and mental abuse from our father.  Don’t get me wrong – I do not blame my parents for any of this because I now know that they did their best with what they believed was the right thing, based on their history and their parents.

As I mentioned before the mission to make me  a woman of anger, bitterness, and of false identity was on the move.  The first chance I got to leave my house was in high school when I met my first boyfriend and wanted to leave this environment.  So I did, got married and left – needless to say that it was a continuation of the abuse that I had experience in my early age at home, no longer the molestation but now abuse physically and mentally by then my husband.  I should tell you that I am divorced, and now remarried to the most wonderful man in the universe.  I was sent a couple of times to the hospital by the injuries, you would ask me – why? Why didn’t you leave?.  Well its easier said then done, when you have been shown that lifestyle and saw a marriage that portrait abuse and chaos, that’s what you believe, thats the life you will live.

I can go one with all the details of broken ribs and almost being run over by his car.  But, I want to focus on the power that came over me one day.  It was one morning that I had then decided I had enough and that the threats of hurting my family and ruining me with lies about who I am, was not going to stop me from leaving.  I remember going to my dad’s house, by then my parents had divorced.  I said “Dad, can I come home”  and I remembered he told me “I have been waiting for you for a long time, of course.”

I then left all behind – and moved back home…

I made a lot of mistakes because of my FEAR that was so deep inside of me – I had left that environment.  I wish everyday I would have had more boldness and authority that I now know I have and would have kept my oldest son – which was raised by his beautiful grandmother.  He now has forgiven me and I have forgiven myself.

Why am I exposing so much of myself to get to you? Because maybe your story is slight different or a lot different.  One thing I do know that we are given a choice to stay there in that place of lies and identity fraud, or to move into the place you and I were created to be in.  We as woman are so sensitive and loving by nature – it hurt me to see so many woman mad and angry at recent events around the states.

The enemy tried to play with me and bring me to a place of fear, anger, bitterness, and shame.  Which he succeeded for a long time, since I tried committing suicide more than one occasion.  I can say I even brought all these things to my current marriage and though my awesome husband now – never abused me nor has – I was dragging my past with me and not letting out marriage be what it intended to be.

Since, recent years I realize and started welcoming healing in my life, I have discovered that all that happened could have ended with a story that I shouldn’t be here or that I would go crazy with all the hurt.  But I CHOSE to write another story about me – I CHOSE to rise up and not let history determine my future and my destiny.

You also have that same choice – GOD GIVEN CHOICE – to shift and change your way of thinking and make the step towards the TRUTH of your identity.  We are daughters of a GOOD Father that even in those time of being locked into those dark rooms – I know I was purposed and chosen for this time to be set free and to move.

Many  are still in those places – wanted to be loved and be noticed as I was – taking the wrong kind of love just because I thought that’s what it supposed to look like.  Let me breath on you and shine some light on you – that’s not the right and true love, that if you need to sacrifices yourself and morals in order to receive love, then I will be bold to say that it’s a counterfeit of the truth about love.

The enemy will be playing this game with many women – and this is why I want to bring light to it, that you don’t have to be a hard, insensitive, and change your origin in order to have the authority that you believe has been taken by you.  I became that – I was cutting and lashed at men figures, I hated the thought and idea of a man telling me what to do, and I wanted nothing to do with men in the sense of authority.  I was taken at a young age and abused so I was going to show that I can rise up and have power, so for many years I fought – I because manager of many companies and became a voice were ever I went.  Let me tell you! I did wrong.  Hurt people hurt others.  I was that hurt person – knocking people over for power, lashing with cutting words to others, and forcefully getting to a place that I thought will give me freedom and peace.  I got there, I had the money, the positions, and the authority over people – but to my surprise it was never enough- I still wanted something else, I was empty.

Where are you now?  Are you being fueled by media and others to gain your position back? You are looking for that authority that will give you influence over others?

Let me tell you that the enemy knows this and will allow a platform to be given to you in order to get you to lash out and hurt others.  Never – again do I want that! I did that! and believe me you don’t want to be that.

I now hold the most influential position in the universe – and its the position of a daughter of a King – Jesus.  A position that I chose to come into.  That has been given to us for the choosing before the foundation of the earth.  This position when feed by the Father in true identity of sonship will satisfy, will fill you up, will give you the authority, will shift your mind, will give you the love you so much are looking for, will give you a position that has the power for change.

Since I am under authority -- I have authority ;  Matthew 8:9 

You hold this authority as a daughter — Now what will you do with it?  Don’t need to fight for it – you have it.  Now rule from a place of peace and love and you will see things change.

Next—- “How do I use this authority”


New Year! More HOPE!

As the new year has rolled in – I can’t help it but have this anticipation of GREAT things coming our way!  We are set up for greatness and we are at that very time of the outpouring of…

Source: New Year! More HOPE!

New Year! More HOPE!


As the new year has rolled in – I can’t help it but have this anticipation of GREAT things coming our way!  We are set up for greatness and we are at that very time of the outpouring of this very thing.

I have given a word for the new year – and will post it here:


Year of the manifestation of Heaven over the earth!
Where there is darkness, chaos, and sorrow – there will be one to bring in The oil of gladness and mantle of praise.
2016 has prepared many of us to stretch beyond the church walls and see beyond our human capacity – it has given us eyes to see the need for such manifestation in the streets, workplace, and other places that are unconventional.

This next year will be a year of the manifestation of the sons – they are being ignited with Fire and Oil. Fire that will burn and keep on burning fuled by the oil of Holy Spirit.
I saw a picture of a world map layer out and fires started in certain places but as they allow the fire of Holy Spirit to move- it will spread.
I also see mantles of glory and miracles
Mantles of mass deliverance
Mantles of Divine Favor – increased
Mantles of Media
Which ever one you want receive, they are for those that will want to go for it.

Mantles of Glory and miracles: Manifestations of creative miracles, healing, and signs that have been asked for are being done by those that have been hungry after such things.
A multitude of ignited revivals – wild fires 🔥 will be throughout the world that will be spread nationwide. Stand for truth will be our drive.

Deliverance: will be maturing in 2017 – the knowledge and gifts to bring people into their true identity and gifts will be given for the increase of the Kingdom. Deliverance will be a ministry of love and compassion.

Mantles of divine Favor: doors divinely open for increase, favor with people of influence and great power, and positions given, where they can establish justice and truth.

Media: including Gaming industry- this industry will be taking a turn in 2017 – there has been a void created that can now be filled by the creative ideas and talents of those that have a Kingdom agenda.
Theatre/ film another area that will be overtaken by those that are gifted with messages of the Fathers love.
Let’s do this!! So excited! — feeling overjoyed.




Getting into the prophetic

Last time – I encouraged you to try the prophetic gift that’s laid out for you!


I believe the only one that will stop you from being that fountain of encouragement through the prophetic, is you.

Here are some obstacles that may be standing in your way:

1. Fear of Disapproval

Exercising spiritual gifts is not a place for fragile egos. We need to be strong in our sense of Father God’s approval on our lives. When we stand confident in Whose we are and who we are, we can embrace whatever assistance we need to grow. People can provide feedback without the concern that we will get hurt or react badly to what they say.

2. Past Hurts that are still Affecting you

Past hurts can affect our ability to receive feedback if our viewpoint is coloured by an earlier rejection. This is especially true if we have been hurt by someone who was a leader or authority figure in our lives. We may fear the same thing happening again, become self-protective and close up.

3. Believing Your Ability to Hear from God is Infallible.

It is a mistake to believe that we are infallible in our ability to hear from God. The Bible teaches us to weigh up prophecy. (1 Cor 14:29, 1 Thess 5:19-21) Discernment is something that we mature in. (Heb 5:14)

When we are in the process of learning and growing in our gifts, portraying an insight as being a definite word from God (without the openness to having it weighed up) can prevent honest feedback. Others will perceive that we are closed to any other viewpoint.


Until I stopped believing this lie – it is then when I was able to get a breakthrough in speaking truth.  Like I have learn from Steve Backlund from Igniting Ministries – lets laugh at that! Means let’s laugh at the lie you have been believing and set yourself free !!!

Come on – I BELIEVE in you!  You are called into this.


You can Prophesy!



YES! You can open your mouth and prophesy this very moment.  I know what you may be thinking – It’s so hard, I am not sure if I am hearing correctly, how about if it’s me and not Holy Spirit and how about if I am wrong.

This very questions haunted me from the moment I started to learn about the prophetic.

What is prophecy?

What is to prophesy?

How do I know that I am hearing correctly?

Honestly, it has been a journey of over 10 years in the prophetic that has sharpened my ear and to be so sure of the Fathers voice.  But you will never get there until you start taking a leap of faith, and putting yourself in a vulnerable spot to learn and to grow.

At first, you second guess yourself most of the time, but as you release the very heart of our Father in heaven, you will see the words you release com to pass.  Many times confirmation will get to you of how your word change their lives or how God did the very thing you bodly spoke out.

What is prophecy?

A person long time ago defined it as:  “the very heart and counsel of the Father for his children”  and I love this definition.

The dictionary will defined it as a prediction, for-telling, and to forth-tell.

I love simplicity – many times people will try to make it so intellectual or a deep study but its not that complicated! its basicaly opening your mouth and speaking His heart for people.

The journey has thought me that the only thing that I believe you need is the identity of the Father in you.  Many times people have gotten the wrong concept of the prophetic and still prophecy based on the old testament and have not applied the new covenant grace that we have been given by Jesus sacrifice.   But let me tell you! the prophetic ministry should be a breath of hope and not of doom.   The true prophetic ministry will bring you closer to the Father, will not condemn you, or bring confusion.  A person that hears from the Father will speak blessing and not curse.  Will speak goodness, prosperity, and increase.

I speak wholeness in your life as we conclude this blog, May your eyes be enlighten with the testimony of prophecy which is Jesus HIMSELF in you.

I encourage you to go and speak the Father’s tender heart.









Land Here! Fly From Here!

This morning I was awakened with a dream I had several years ago – I truly believe it was a prophetic dream.  I was in the middle of the airport, not sure if it was midway or O’hare but in the dream I knew I was bringing in planes and directing them to land.  I was standing on top of a high mountain.  I saw myself standing on top of it with two checkered flags, at the time i didn’t realize why i was standing there but then I heard a voice “its coming in” then I saw a plane coming in towards me, but from my view the plane was flying crocked and if it came in like that it was going to pass me by – then the voice said “Come on, raise your arms and start bringing it in – I did as I was told and waving my flags without know at first what signs I was giving the plane, I saw the alignment of the plane.  The voice was giving me instructions of how to move the arms and flags also what each of the movement meant to the plane. The plane landed and I knew it was a good thing – I felt such power in this as I knew that the plane was carrying all that was needed.  The voice said “the plane needs a landing place and if not it will continue seeking it”.

There is so much strategy going on in Chicago – and though I do not focus my attention on it – its hard for my heart not to sorrow over lives that are being cut short –

I truly believe that even in this chaos the Lord is good and He is working.  He will work it ALL for our good.  I really see that this dream has given us a prophetic picture of what God is doing in the midst of all whats going on in our city.  He is present in the heavenly realm, He is flying in seeking where to land, and He will find us to bring down His Kingdom.

I can interpret this dream in a way to define part of my calling but it also gave me a perspective of how important a cities are for our Father.

In connection to previous blog we spoke about the city of Chicago as a HUB for the apostolic and prophetic.  I shared with you that I had heard the word that day and even looked up the definition:

according to the Webster dictionary:

It is the central and most active part or place

  • : the airport or the city through which an airline sends most of its flights

  • : the center of a wheel, propeller, fan, etc.


In remembering this dream today it gave me a vision that the Lord is ready to land His Kingdom down on your city – He is seeking those that will raise up their arms, hands and with strategies bring Heavens government to your city!


In order to impact other cities, lets start with our own.  Let’s learn to host the governmental authority of Heaven.  The airplane is really a prophetic view of the Kingdom of Heaven and with all of its governmental power being carried in one vehicle.  We can go in detail of each thing that it will provide but that will be discussed in my book.  For this purpose I want you to see that we are being called into a position of being a host for the heavenly realm!

As we obey this and say “YES” we will be one to host this, you will be invaded by the King and His Kingdom.

“The heavens is a seen world that can impact cities and transform them”

As we raise up our hands and get the reality of the heavens in our own lives it will not only transform us but also becomes a HUB of His Presence that will shake things all around us and it starts impacting neighbors, neighborhoods, and beyond.


“As a prophetic generation that will go full force and decide to become the vessel that our Father will use for landing the Heavens.

Before we send the plane to other cities and become that prophetic HUB with the true apostolic anointing – we need to learn to become the air traffic controller in our own lives.

Luke 6:12-16

speaks about Jesus choosing his twelve apostles that will become those that will host the governmental power over the earth in the book of acts – but Jesus had to show them TRUTH of the Kingdom first.


To be continued…..

NEXT ……”Wave the arms and Flags in TRUTH”

Hub for Heaven on Earth

What is a HUB?

I woke up this morning with a voice that said “HUB” and though I tried to go back to sleep it bared witness in my spirit – as I laid in bed its like Holy Spirit wanted me to ask – what is a HUB? and why am I getting this word now?

according to the Webster dictionary:

It is the central and most active part or place

  • : the airport or the city through which an airline sends most of its flights

  • : the center of a wheel, propeller, fan, etc.


I heard this words:

“Chicago will be a hub of the apostolic and prophetic – it will ignite a movement that will bring others for a recharge of life and will empower like a circuit other cities to rise up and fight for their cities, Chicago breaths in and out the breath of Life! ”

I had to write about this today- I believe God is imparting HIS thoughts, HIS passion, His Counsel over His people this very second – its really up to us if we are willing to say “YES”

I will mainly speak to my city on this blog but I know in my heart that it is not the exception for He will lift up voices in all HIS CITIES, NATIONS, and WORLD.  I invite you this day to unite and rise up and shine for His plans and purposes.

Let’s Break it Down!

When we speak of a HUB we are saying that it is a central or most active part – so lets start by faith to make this city the most active and central part of HIS movement.  What movement?


“Heaven is another dimension so real as the palm of your hand, if only you will believe and pull into existence” mdp

Let’s focus in making this city the HUB for HIS KINGDOM:

your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.- Matthew 6:10

As a pastor for many years I was drawn into believing that the foundation of the gospel was save, save, save…. but I had found that after people got saved – they wondered for too many years without fulfillment of their lives – So I asked the Lord “why?” He said “because of the lack of knowledge (understanding) they will perish, and though it is not my will for them to do so, many times the lack of direction towards the right perspective makes people wonder and many return to their old self because of the lack of fulfillment.”

This had saddens my heart, as a pastor this was my passion to see them set free but ignited by HIS will so they may not perish but live lives full of joy and satisfaction in Him.

the mandate we were given right after Jesus ascended its really this one:

Jesus, undeterred, went right ahead and gave his charge: “God authorized and commanded me to commission you: Go out and train everyone you meet, far and near, in this way of life, marking them by baptism in the threefold name: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Then instruct them in the practice of all I have commanded you. I’ll be with you as you do this, day after day after day, right up to the end of the age.”

Matthew 28:18-20The Message (MSG)

When we have the understanding of our citizenship of heaven and our privilege as sons and daughters then we get the right perspective of how to direct those that we are honored to influence by our lives.

it says everyone you meet – how many have we met today? that we have given the chance to get the presence of heaven in their lives?

“Bring Heaven down one person at a time”

To make your city the HUB and Central most active part of your area- start by bringing Heaven down

-listen: don’t get me wrong on this  – this doesn’t mean stand in the middle of the city and yell out “Heaven on earth” this was good for John the Baptist times – but the times has changed and though the word has not we need to move with the change the Kingdom.

This is how we have lacked as the body of Christ – the enemy knows this strategies- and though we speak and live in a victorious realm at all times – we need to have strategies and one of them is shifting the atmospheres, by changing the way we perceive and view things.


Listen – you are a great treasure that holds great wealth for others – our hearts desire should be to share that treasure- how? start with the one person today, you don’t have to shake or get weird but start by encouraging them, telling them how beautiful they are, how you admire the way they do something, or simply giving a hug! you will be amazed as how that is more impactful than anything you can preach.

to be continued…..